Doctor Beverly Fischer  

Dr. Beverly Fischer is a native of Maryland. After completing her residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins University in 1994, Dr. Fischer chose to open her practice in the Baltimore area; where she has continued operating to this day. In 1996, Dr. Fischer performed her first female-to-male chest surgery. Through "word-of-mouth" referrals. her practice in the field of transgender surgery has increased from a handful of cases in 1996 to over 200 procedures each year. Today, Dr. Fischer has established herself as the "go to" surgeon for periareolar, otherwise known as "keyhole", surgery; and is recognized on not only a national, but international level. Though holding a special passion for transgender procedures, Dr. Fischer is also experienced in performing general plastic and cosmetic surgery.

In addition to physical surgery, Dr. Fischer is also a clinical instructor at Johns Hopkins University, and enjoys teaching medical students as well as residents. She lectures annually on gynecomastia, and female-to-male chest surgery, and she is currently writing a paper on her 16 years of experience performing these operations.

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